the Switchboard network

Based in the Byron Hinterland, Switchboard Media is a conscious creative network, creating premium content about the human condition and environment at large.

Transmedia Storytelling | Education | Conscious Creatives


the Switchboard network

Based in the Byron Hinterland, Switchboard Media is a conscious creative network, creating premium content about the human condition and environment at large.

Transmedia Storytelling | Education | Conscious Creatives

The Switchboard Network


  • To create visually stunning content across all scopes of creative media;
  • To bring original stories to life before a global audience;
  • To encourage a paradigm shift away from the daily grind and back to the natural rhythms that nurture happiness, health and well being, particularly through our personal documentaries and projects;
  • To educate about the human condition and the environment at large, and bridge the gap between activists and ignorance.


  • TV

Documentary Production 

Our first feature documentary film, Double Barrel follows surf and travel journalist Angie Davis' journey to Peru to document Peruvian surf guide Harold Koechlin’s dream of protecting Peru’s world-class surf breaks. After a chance meeting, the two compared tales of living through natural and human-inflicted disasters, and their dreams for sustainable surf development and tourism. Focussed in the oil-dominated town of Lobitos, Harold is working together with the local and international community and is determined to preserve the locals’ right to a clean ocean and environment to give towns like Lobitos a more sustainable future.


Switchboard Media is passionate about telling stories that matter. For documentary production inquiries or to support Double Barrel Film, please get in touch.

tv original series

the laps tv

The Laps is a reality adventure travel TV series created and produced by Switchboard Media, following its two Australian hosts Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp around 10 island nations, with no cash, no car, no phone, and just 10 personal items each.

The series will calculate the boys’ daily consumption of oil, water and food and compare this with average consumption levels within each location, thus delivered as a science experiment bringing great awareness to local and global environmental issues and opportunities for solutions. 

The Cast are the conduit to encourage the audience to question their daily habits and the effect their actions have on the planet they depend upon to survive. “There is no business to be done on a dead planet.” – David Bower.

Commercial production

We are passionate about sharing your brand's vision and promoting your product or service through original creative commercials. From concepts and directing to casting, styling, art direction, filming, editing, original scores and all the in-betweens, our team delivers professional content to TV and digital platforms.

Concept Creation | Film/TV

We are original concept specialists. Our highly skilled film production team brings stories to life to a global audience. From concept creation, script writing, producing and directing, to cinematography, editing, colour grading, original soundtrack scoring, still photography, mastering and more, our team delivers only the highest quality productions to Film and TV mediums.

Editorial Content

We are story tellers, and we love to write. We specialize in script writing for film/TV/Webisodes and shorts, content writing for online and print media (editorial features, SEO copywriting, blog content and native advertising), and have access to translators to help your content reach viewers around the world. Our professional team is skilled at writing for travel, environment, surf, food, fashion, arts, lifestyle, culture, and entertainment. 


post Production

The Switchboard Media team strives to deliver the highest quality production values right through to post. Our motion editor and colourist Tim Wreyford has worked in the production industry for over 15 years, on cinema projects, documentaries, TV commercials, music videos, short films and web video content.


Switchboard Media began partnering with Laureate International Universities to launch international collaborations between students and Switchboard in 2015.  This partnership aims to bring opportunity and real learning together through Laureate’s new learning initiative TheDeltaExperience. In 2016 we have again collaborated to create an incredibly exciting new project with a focus on the art of Trans-media Storytelling. This will provide learners with real-industry experience contributing to Switchboard initiatives whilst making a positive and enduring impact on our planet.

visit the delta experience here


Who We Are

Who We Are

angie Davis

Director | WRITER | producer | Concepts

Angie balances life between travel, production, surfing and raising two wild sons. Angie was based in Japan for almost a decade as a journalist with a strong focus in social impact travel and surfing. She relocated back home to Australia post-Fukushima disaster and wore the hat of Travel Producer and Editor at Yahoo!7 before founding Switchboard Media Group in 2014 and embarking on her first environmental travel documentary film "Double Barrel" in north Peru. The film premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and is currently touring the globe in three languages.

Angie is producer of the adventure travel TV series "The Laps", is dedicated to empowering women through storytelling and supporting women's rights, and co-creates post-graduate transmedia storytelling courses with Dustin Hollick and the Laureate University Australia's "The Delta Experience."

Dustin Hollick

Director | WRITER | producer | Concepts

Family man Dustin grew up in the freezing waters of Tasmania, bobbing around on fishing boats and building sites. Through his isolated upbringing Dustin forged a strong connection with nature, which he expressed through short stories, playwriting, and making indie surf films. Dustin joined Angie working on “Double Barrel” in 2014 and then came on board as co-owner of Switchboard, where they now run the business out of a rural studio “The Dream Factory” perched on a lush acre a stone’s throw from the coast.

Dustin stars in the upcoming TV series: The Laps TV, a concept he has been developing for almost 10 years. Together with local Lennox Head mate Rhian Slapp, the guys will set off on a global quest to consume less, with just 10 personal items and 10 big islands to 'lap".


At Switchboard Media our team shares over a decade of experience in travel and lifestyle publishing, digital media, editing, copywriting, film, and TV production. Continually evolving in tune to the industry, our skilled team prides ourselves in creating exciting and original works.